Back to Moonglade

I’m seriously thinking about moving Kit back to Moonglade, a European roleplaying server.  There’s a possible spot for her in a raiding and roleplay guild, which is difficult to find.  There are tons of rp guilds, of course, and several large raiding guilds.  But I would like both.

Ravven will probably stay on Aggramar, at least for now.  I’d considered moving them both, but I would miss playing with Miz too much.  Ravven can get pickup groups without problem, although my usual luck with pugs is pretty bad.  If there’s an escaped mental patient out there, or a blind person who is trying to play by ear, or a little kid who’s mummy might pull him off the computer mid-raid, I’ll find them.  There are people in the old guild that I would welcome grouping with whenever possible, as I really miss them.  So it might be ok – Ravven will just be missing the cash that Kit brings in, as well as all the spelldamage food and so on.

I’m nervous about transferring, though…I was so miserably lonely last time.  I’m just not good at meeting people and being really outgoing and social.

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