Back in the UK

I’m finally recovering from the trip back home to see my father. (Recovering in the sense that I don’t really get jetlagged, but I seemed to have stopped sleeping entirely since getting back.) It’s good to be home again.

As my father has terminal cancer, I can’t say that it was exactly a fun-packed trip, but it felt so good just to sit together and talk. This will probably be the last time that I see him, and we were both very aware of that. It is difficult to live far away across oceans, and to an extent you lose your place in the family a bit. The last time he went into the hospital, I read about it on Facebook before anyone thought to call me. Yes, I admit to throwing a bit of a princess snit over that one. ;)

Being offline for ten days was quite weird. How did any of us get along before broadband? On dialup I could barely load mail in Gmail, and anything else was impossible. Since getting back -and plugging back in- it’s been difficult to catch up on things. I have a metric buttload of blog posts to catch up on, I haven’t written anything myself, and Twitter I gave up as a lost cause in terms of trying to catch up with everyone.

As always, I got a bit twitchy about no gaming for so long. What can I say, I’m an addict. Hello, my name is Monica and I am a MMO addict. Take me away from my games for any length of time, and I start to get the shakes.

If I can get a handle on the current insomnia problem (I’m talking fullblown awake until 4:30 am sleeplessness) and can put words in sentences coherently, I need to start updating again regularly. I miss my blog.

Back to regularly scheduled (which in the UK they pronounce with a “shed” while I insist on saying “sked”) programming.


Must. Stop. Using. So. Many. Parenthesis. (Seriously.)

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  1. Take a melatonin tablet (capsule?) about 1/2 hour before your regular bedtime. In many people, that will “reset” your internal clock for sleep. Melatonin is one of the things your body produces to make you sleepy.

    BTW, it doesn’t work with my wife, so take this for what it’s worth.

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