Back in the Saddle

The router has been repaired/replaced, and we are connected to the rest of the world again! Woo hoo! I feel so cut off without email and internet. It’s probably very sad, but really…this is where I spend a large portion of my life. It’s where I work, where I occasionally play, and where I keep in touch with my family and friends.

On the subject of blogging, Ryan McGee (Wading in The Velvet Sea:
One man’s struggle for truth, justice, and Jennifer Garner’s home phone number) had this to say about bitching and creating articulate, profound, relative blogs.

I basically just talk about my life. It’s not profound, sometimes not even interesting, and yes, I do bitch a lot. But this is my space. I don’t expect anyone to link to it, I don’t expect to get any traffic, and I don’t care. It’s my space.

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