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My Templar, Ravven, is now level 24 and looking forward to level 25 and the Abyss. It’s been so much fun. The queues are still very much present, which is quite unfortunate. I’ve had a few days off from work and have contrived ways of never logging out, but now that I am back at work I’ll be facing the same 2-3 hour queue to get in that many other players face. I’m guessing that my levelling and playtime will come to a screeching halt, which bothers me.

Via the Rifts, I’ve had some small experience in PvP even though we haven’t reached the Abyss yet. I have to say, when word goes out in general chat that a rift has opened and Elyos are outside Morheim, it’s quite dramatic to be part of that river of black wings as we all race out to meet them. Very exciting. I did have the experience of running up a hill, to see a massive swathe of red names charging over the brow of the hill – definitely one of those “oh, shit!” moments that are so much fun. Once our legion gets more members, and we can organise it a bit more, I think it will be awesome.

I love this game.

Crafting is expensive, like all things in Aion, but the crafting animations are quite nice and work orders are a nice feature. This allows you to level up your professions without having to grind all the mats as well – it still costs a fair amount of kinah for all the bits, but you are given the main materials to work. Crafting animations are very well done, even if the noise of everyone together at the forges can be deafening.  :)  Many of the quests are gathering quests, which encourage everyone to level gathering professions which will earn you quite a bit of money later on.

I’ve had some good drops, and although I don’t have any blue drops yet, I have a full set of nice greens. Being in a good legion is essential, as all of us have tended to give good drops and crafting mats to each other rather than just sell them through the trade broker. We’re lucky in having a very g0od (small) group of people to play with.

Over all, 9/10 for the actual game. My score for NCSoft would be substantially lower, of course.  :)  And if you want to hear major QQing, just go by my house any night this week…you’ll hear the sobs and gnashing of teeth for miles around as I am unable to log in after work. The queues really, really need to be addressed.

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  1. Something bizarre I just found:this is what blog posts look like when hoiked up onto a scraped-content site:

    My Templar, Ravven, is today horizontal 24 and looking brash to horizontal 25 and the Abyss. It’s been so much cavort. The queues are silence exact much now, which is to some luckless.

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    Via the Rifts, I’ve had some immature inclination in PvP rhythmical notwithstanding we haven’t reached the Abyss until now. Very amazing.

  2. 24? Lucky you :(

    My sin is 19, and I haven’t been able to play at all for 3 days because I haven’t had the time to queue and then play. Either I’m only going to be around just long enough to queue, or not even that!

  3. I took a week’s holiday. :D I’m not playing tonight – 2 1/2 hour queue. They have to do something about the queues, this is ridiculous. If you work 9-5, you really haven’t a chance to get online and play in a timely manner.

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