Back in Northrend

My baby pally finally hit 68, and headed to Northrend.  I hadn’t even finished half the quests in Nagrand yet. In a way, I’m almost glad that the pace of levelling is going to slow down now. Since I shouldn’t have an end goal in mind (I’ve quit hardcore raiding), the plan was to just sit back and enjoy the journey. I get caught up in achiever mentality, though – sifting through quests and only doing the ones that have some nice rewards. Moving on to the next area as soon as possible. I’ve been trained to think of an MMO as something to get through in order to reach endgame, and although that feels wrong, it’s difficult to step out of that mindframe.

I’ve come to the decision that I am probably going to leave my longtime guild. Like an old friend that I’ve grown apart from, we have nothing in common anymore. When I stopped raiding, I was glad that I had the option to remain in the guild as a social. But as new people come on, and old friends leave, I find that I know very few people now. I come online, and no one says hi. I myself don’t say hello, because most of the time there’s no one online who knows me. It feels strange and lonely. And really, what is the point?  It is in no sense a social guild, it’s a raiding guild. I’m no longer there because of friends.

And so, I’ll probably leave. I’ll post one of those “good luck, I’ll miss you guys” posts. A few old friends will comment, but all the newer people will go “who is that?” or worse, discount me as a non-raider. (In all fairness, that’s how I used to view social members.)

At this point, if it wasn’t for wanting to play a worgen SO MUCH, I would reroll horde. Decisions, decisions.

6 thoughts on “Back in Northrend”

  1. It is nice to take leveling slow, enjoy it. I did so with my Druid from 70-80. At 80 everything is so fast paced may as well enjoy it while you can :)

  2. I’m trying to overcome my desire to rush through content. And I just started a druid, so I will be enjoying all the horde-side quests that I missed by playing Alliance so much. :)

  3. hey Raven, I went back to wow, moved to horde and shadowsong and guess who I found Guren :) come join us in our quest to be evil :)

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