Back Home

I’m finally back home, after a visit to my family in the States. It was a good visit, overall, although my mother is quite ill.  Good to see everyone, good to take them out to eat some of the food that I’ve missed (Mexican food, massive rare American steaks, artichokes). Travelling was as poo as it always is. (Why do airline security agents have to be so nasty now? Is politeness and courtesy not part of their jobs anymore?)

I got back, and we bought a very shiny car: a blue Jaguar Xk8. And then I found out that we had payroll problems, total disaster. So we’re driving a Jag but we’re worried about buying food and paying the bills.  Meh.

I’ve been loving the 2.4 patch content…although I’ve never seen so many asshats in my life as I saw last night, when there were pvp-enabled Horde piled on top of all the questgivers. Really, people, why is that fun? But the dailies are awesome, and Magister’s Terrace is great. I haven’t seen the 25-man instance yet, I don’t really have the gear for it yet.

And so on.  I’ll start to write a lot more regularly from here on…as soon as I’m not so jetlagged.  :)

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