Back Among the Living

I feel better tonight. I made it through the day, went out to the stable to hang out with Kip for an hour (raining outside, so no work), and then came home for chicken from the chippy down the street. I’ve spent a lot of time catching up on everyone’s blogs, and writing some of the emails that I owe everyone, and now I’m bushed.

The job is going well, although I still don’t have my new computer, nor any software. I’ve been reading through stacks of manuals like mad, setting up product databases and assortments, administering user groups and a multitude of other things that are really not my job. But I wanted challenge…and I got it in spades. :) I’ve been playing a bit with coding some of the templates for the look-n-feel of the site, but with no Photoshop or Dreamweaver, it’s not very exciting.

Early to bed, I think. I’ve been sleeping like the dead, sleeping like I could just never wake up.

I have rats staring at me. I think they’re laughing at me.

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