I’ve been reading, after avoiding it for a long time because everyone else was reading it, The Da Vinci Code. I’d bought this for Phil as one of his Valentine’s presents, as part of my ongoing quest to get him to read, but I’ve ended up reading it myself. Interesting so far, and I have to test the bit about PHI, or divine proportion, myself. Aside from that, I’ve done little this weekend. None of the work that I intended to do, anyway. :(

I’ve had to fight Phil for computer time since he bought World of Warcraft. You see, it had to be installed on my new computer. It couldn’t run on his laptop or my old computer…and so I have to fight for My Turn. Once I have it, though, I tend to piss around reading LJ or whatever, rather than doing whatever it was that was so essential that I do.

Ok, enough. I’m off to work, I swear. :)

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