Avoidance and Excuses

I’m supposed to be working on one of the freelance sites that we contracted to do. I don’t want to. *pout* But they want to see a prototype up by Monday. is on the damn PS2 downstairs. Waaaaahhhhh…

Friday was a very good day, very busy and fast-paced. The site is starting to come together, all of the broken bits are slowly being replaced, and we’ll be ready (fingers crossed) to start really testing next week. I talked to old friend and roomie Shaun on Yahoo (I’d used my old account to set it up so that I could talk to the developers in London, as it’s faster than emailing) – it’s been ages!!! I was only able to talk to him for a moment, as I had people at my desk all day, but it was nice to make contact again. I miss you…and and and everyone else. I hope that we can get together when I visit next month.

I need to make reservations and buy my tickets! Yikes!

Kip’s leg is very much better now. I hand-walked him out on the road, around the school, and back. He was fine with cars and boys playing football and dogs. He is such an odd horse, though…he wanted to walk with his nose almost touching the street, so he could smell everything. Odd. Horses are such visual creatures, and this was almost canine. Sometimes he doesn’t feel like a horse, at all.

Damn. Back to work. :(

3 thoughts on “Avoidance and Excuses”

  1. Horses I have known who keep their heads down are the greedy ones:) The ones constantly sniffing for food. I suppose that is quite a canine trait.

  2. A ps to my previous, would you mind awfully if I ask if I can add him. I wanted to ask you first, just cos…:)

  3. lol…go ahead. I’m really not insanely possessive…the other day it was just a stranger swearing undying love or whatever it was that set me off. :) Combination of bad day, short temper and silly people pissed me off.

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