I saw a “v” of geese today, obviously flying south. I hate the thought of winter coming…I’m not ready.

Turned Lizzie and Kip out in the small paddock together today. Kip kept looking at me as if asking what he did to deserve being locked up with the Psycho Mare, and wondering if there was some other penance that he could do instead. He looked as though he was considering jumping out a few times. Lizzie galloped around like an idiot, but no one got kicked or otherwise injured, which was a bonus. She did rip one shoe off, unfortunately.

Best wishes to all in New Orleans…it looks as though the worst of the storm will pass you by, thank goodness, but the photos still looked very frightening.

There’s a Celtic harp that I’ve been watching on eBay, a 27-string (nylon) harp with case. It’s Pakistani-made, and obviously cheap, but the feedback for the vendor isn’t bad. As long as it stays at a low price, I may just do it – I miss my harp back home, and want to start playing again. Someday I want to get a wire-strung harp, but for now this would be a decent starter harp. :)

Back to work tomorrow. :(

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