We had another shot at AQ40 last night, and killed the Prophet Skeram, wiped on Vem, Lord Kri and Princess Yauj and then decided to bypass them for that night, brought down Battleguard Sartura, then finally killed Fankriss after several wipes.

One of the last wipes was hilarious, we we all ressing outside the suppression tunnel that leads to Fankriss, and one party member had survived somewhere inside the Fankriss cave. We all rez, and then I hear someone say “WTF!!!!” and ALL the bugs from the suppression tunnel are charging at us in a single mass. I wish I could have thought to take a screenie of that, because it was amazing. We all wiped again, of course. There were also squadrons of them that were flying through the air, which was quite bizarre, since these aren’t flying mobs. Strange glitch, but we all saw it.

It was quite an expensive night…over 12g in repairs. :(

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