AQ40: Learning Experiences

The guild finally set foot in AQ40, just to “have a peek”. We swept through the first boss, had lots of fun, hit the trio of Vem, Yauj, and Kri, got our asses kicked, and decided to bypass them for a bit until we have better NR gear, and then all met for another try the next day.

So, last night we all met Battleguard Sartura, and died and died and died. Meeting new bosses is interesting, if expensive, as the guild figures out the best strategy to defeat each boss. As a warlock, I learned that (since these bosses don’t hold aggro and aren’t easily tanked) you shouldn’t DoT them thinking that they’ll mostly ignore it. *certain death* Shadow bolts are the way to go, leading only mostly to *certain death*. We tried putting all locks on the boss and spamming Searing Pain and Curse of Agony on her, hoping to ping-pong her back and forth between us. I couldn’t actually tell if that was going to work, because it was too hard to stay out of the way of loose adds, encounters that lead to *certain death*.

All in all, it was fun – much better than learning how to take Nefarian, with that godawful long respawn time. That fight is no damn fun. Plus, I can’t wait to get my elite bug mount!

I’ve been having fun on Moonglade, the RP server, and have applied to a guild for membership. I will need an in-character interview (!!!) before they decide if they’ll take me on or not. It may be silly, but I’m quite nervous…especially since I haven’t the faintest idea about accepted Warcraft lore and timelines, and am bound to piss someone off.

Well, back to the mines…

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