We had the first 70s in the guild over the weekend, and most are getting close, in the high 60s.  Kit is almost 65, and Ravven is 3/4 of the way through 64.  It’s been tough levelling two characters, since you have to go back and do the same quests all over again.  Miz is levelling her main and her shaman.  We haven’t heard from a couple of people in the guild who were once very regular members, and we suspect that they are ninja-levelling shamans in secret.  ;)

I took a run through Shadowmoon last night for kicks, and it felt like that Wetlands run from Ironforge, the one where every croc and spider scares you to death.

Everything is gorgeous, huge, with so many quests in every area.  I am having so much fun with this, and you really have to hand it to Blizzard: despite them turning a blind eye to bots and gold farmers, and the other customer service issues that bother all of us on occasion, they make some damn fine games.   Nagrand is absolutely beautiful, Zangarmarsh was trippy and psychedelic, and I am looking forward to seeing everything…slowly, not rushing in order to make 70, just enjoying the journey.

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