…for not writing. Directed to: everyone at the college where I used to work (I’ve been thinking about you guys), my friends from back home that I haven’t written a letter to in ages, and my family. Sorry, guys, the days just get away from me and then I find myself too tired to write.

We went to Phil’s parents’ house today for my father-in-law’s birthday, then I went by the stable to catch Kip and put him away for the night. I had to play hide-and-seek on the muddy hillsides in high-heeled boots for ages before finally catching him. (“Kip, here you go, what a good boy…whoa, stay there…Kip, come back here you SON OF A BITCH!!!”)

Got to go…I need to finish a lot of stuff and get to bed early so I can make an 8:00 marketing meeting. *yawn*

I’ve gotten boring. :(

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