Another one bites the dust

…or the sewers, actually, since we got Naj’entus down last night on our first real try.

It was a good kill, on our fourth attempt of the night, I think.  I was excited to see Black Temple for the first time, and it was less difficult than I had thought that it would be. I’d heard that the trash was insanely hard, and the bosses more so, but it was do-able.

I really wish that hunters were allowed more pet stable slots – that is something that really bothers me. I can’t imagine that the database overhead involved with tracking training on multiple pets would be that much greater. The white lion, Shasta, that I’m currently raiding with I levelled from 60, and I don’t want to drop him and then perhaps go back and do it again. Ennui, my black armoured boar from Razorfen Kraul, has been with Kit for a long, long time…I’ll never give him up, even though he rarely sees the light of day. He’s part of who she is. Tesla, the windserpent, was used as a raiding pet for a bit to see if my crit was high enough to make him my highest dps pet (currently it isn’t). I want one of the new dire ravens, so I suppose I’ll have to drop the windserpent. But what if there are new and cooler pets available in WotLK? What’s a girl to do?

I’ve also been thinking about Death Knights. Since I have two accounts, theoretically I think I could have one on each account? Maybe do one horde and one alliance?  I have my names picked out and everything.  :D The alliance one will be Draenei, and will be named Ashkevron (after Vanyel, the fictional character that I’ve been in love with most of my life) and the horde (belf or troll) will be Shadowsworn. They’ll both be female, of course – I just can’t do male characters in WoW, all musclebound, pissed off and constipated-looking.

Raid tonight cancelled due to under-subscription. Boo hiss….

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