Another Entry

…because I am avoiding work. I’m avoiding doing a lot of things right now, actually. Wading through shitloads of spam and answering mail. Packing up the saddle (sold through eBay) that we need to mail tomorrow. Working on sites.

At work we’re getting to the stage where everyone is worn through, exhausted, and getting very crispy. Tempers are short. There is too much to do and no one to do it. Not fun.

If I had the money, I would put Kip in training for a couple or weeks, or a month. I haven’t ridden him in a while, because I’ve been too tired and in a terrible mood every night. He doesn’t really need that, though…he’s too young to be able to justify having someone work with him intensively. What he needs is for someone who is a light-handed, calm, sympathetic rider to just take him out on the roads everyday. I haven’t started doing much of that because I don’t like taking babies out alone the first times they go out – it’s much easier with another horse to act as a security blanket. So, he’s on vacation until I rejoin the living.

I’ve been getting out for a good walk at lunchtime along the canal, which has been nice (since the weather has allowed it). Considering how much time I spend sitting in front of a computer, I really need the physical activity. In my twenties I was too thin. In my thirties I gained some weight, but was overall not unhappy with having curves over muscle. Now, my body just doesn’t want to maintain itself as it always has before. Muscle isn’t staying firm by itself without work, which I’m admittedly not doing. This sucks. I can live with curves; I happen to really like curvy bodies on women. What I don’t want is a flabby body. I’ve been thinking about getting another weight machine, like I had in the States, but I don’t know where I’d put it. The third floor is the obvious choice, but I don’t think I’d trust these floors to hold heavy machines long-term – it would really, really suck to have it finally fall through and land on our bed in the middle of the night.

So, a list of random things, plans, and promises:

1. Start doing my exercises and pilates again.
2. When life is quieter, find something else physical that we can do. Start fencing again, try martial arts, or dance?
3. Try to be patient with Kip’s age and not be dissatisfied because he’s too young for everything. Enjoy just hacking him.
4. Perhaps I can trade work with a trainer for a site or something. That way I can do some actual work.
5. Save up for my dressage saddle.
6. Make my damn reservations, before I do end up paying over a thousand pounds to fly home.
7. Stop drinking so much at night. Use sex for relaxation instead. ;)
8. Spend more time with the ferrets, even though Beanie is biting the shit out of me right now. I’m pretty sure that it is a frustrated-mating thing, since he only does it in the spring, and then is wonderful after that. But he is doing some serious damage right now.
9. Stop buying horse things on eBay.
10. Have my hair cut.

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