another cunning plan…

I have a personal vendetta going against an auction house bot that is stationed in the Gadgetzan neutral auction house. It started as a plan to pass some alliance pets to my horde alts, along with a pair of very nice blue leggings that my hunter would really like. Now, several days later, it has grown into a personal crusade.

The culprit, the object of my hatred, the focus of everything that irritates me, the very illustration of poor Blizzard customer service, is a level 2 gnome warrior who stands in the AH 24/7, scanning the auction house and grabbing anything that is priced well under the going rate. I put a pet in, with Miz ready to buy it, and within a split second it was purchased. We tested it with a variety of other things – put something in at a low enough price, and it is instantly sold.

Now, we are on a PvE server. As much as I would like to feed him to my cat, I can’t. Hence the cunning plans.

The most recent cunning plan involved a raid on Gadgetzan. I didn’t know, however, that the guards in towns like this react differently than, say, when you raid Crossroads. You are netted and have little chance of success.

Another plan involved kiting one of the Caverns of Time dragons into town. I think that, theoretically, it would work – except that you can get suspensions for doing things like this.

I’m out of cunning plans.

Before you ask, the thing that has made this so personal is that I have opened GM tickets many times to report this bot. Other people have reported it as well. I received one automated response in the mail, but no personal contact. It irks me. I even posted on the forums, in the Customer Support area.

The gnome must die. It is my mission in life. I will have those kitties and moths and rabbits…they will be mine!

4 thoughts on “another cunning plan…”

  1. “You are netted and have little chance of success.” – against a level 2 gnome? Should be trivial to one-shot him at most levels. It doesn’t help much though, he’d be back at the AH npc within 60 seconds scanning away :<

  2. Nah, I suck – he could definitely put up a fight. :D

    Yes, he’d just res eventually – depending on when they discovered that their bot was dead. But I’d have my pets by then. I’d hang around long enough to do a /spit emote, of course.

    Hey, I never claimed to be a classy lady. lol…

  3. Stewart Celani

    Ehehe — another post that made me laugh.

    That’s one of the worst things about WoW Customer Service these days (automated responses). =P

    Good luck getting that gnome. ;)

    (Just thought I’d post a comment letting you know I’ve been a faithfully reading from Australia for a few months and that I enjoy your posts. =P )

  4. Awww…thank you. :) The gnome is winning, actually. He disappeared from Gadgetzan, and I was like “Yaay! I WIN!!!” Went to put some stuff through the AH, and it was snapped up…by a level 2 gnome in Everlook. Different name, same use of umlauts, etc. So I went all the way to Winterspring just to /spit on him.

    I’m the queen of useless gestures.

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