Yesterday was our third anniversary. Phil sent me a beauty-queen armload of flowers at work, and we went out for dinner at the pub down the road that we always go to. After we got home, as Phil locked the vehicle, I said “So…shall we do another year?”

I asked him that last year, as well. Phil doesn’t understand; he sighs and rolls his eyes and refuses to believe that I am serious. He doesn’t understand what I am really saying; like most men, he is handicapped in that he can’t hear or understand unspoken subtext. This is what I mean:

I am not taking you for granted. I will not assume that you will always be there, no matter what.

Since I don’t take you for granted, I want our marriage to be something living and organic, something that we care for and water, hoping that it will grow. It isn’t concrete and dead…it is something that has the possibility of change, of growth, or even of dying if we don’t care for it.

And finally, I just want you to know that I want to renew this relationship: day by day, year by year.

I love you.

Besides, who else would humour me by calling me on my new mobile so I can hear my Doctor Who ringtone that I paid £5 for, since I’m such an idiot and had to do it several times? I am a non-phone person, I can’t txt to save my life, but I wanted to hear the frickin’ tune, damn it. :)

11 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. Have you seen the TV series “Coupling”?

    There’s a fantastic episode on Subtext in the second series ….

  2. Send me your mobile number and I’ll ring you! :) That would DEFINATELY be one tune I’d have on my phone too.

    Happy Anniversary you too. :) As for subtext, I TOTALLY recommend Coupling. We have the three series that have been released on DVD so far. Care for a DVD-a-thon?

  3. wandringsoul

    I GET subtexts, I’m not thick – there are just SO many subtexts it could be, it could be:

    I don’t take you for granted…but it could also be ‘are you screwing the girl next door’ – I never know which…so it’s tough to know which question you’re actually asking, which obviously dictates the answer!

    Oh – and ringtones…the obvious solution is to use desk phone (A) to call cell phone (B) to hear ringtone (££££)

    : )

  4. P:
    Women. I swear to god your mothers teach you a different language as a young girl…

    No, we just have to do something with all that extra brainpower. Hahahahaha…. :P

    Yep – I’ve seen the result. Multiple ringtone downloads. : ))))

  5. Firstly – many, many congratulations and best wishes and lots and lots of love to you both on your Third Anniversary :). Wow. Come September we’ll be celebrating ours, too. Can you believe it? Weird.

    Secondly – just my opinion of course, but bugger subtext. Once again here is evidence that I quite obviously possess a male brain rather than the expected female one. I am most comfortable when people, particularly loved ones, say EXACTLY WHAT THEY MEAN using as many words as are necessary to convey said meaning. But yeah, maybe that’s just me ;).

    And for the record – everything else I wholeheartedly agree with and think you’ve expressed quite eloquently and beautifully.

  6. Being completely literal all the time seems like having to explain things to a small child. But then, it probably avoids a lot of disappointment. :)

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