Animal Cruelty

I schooled Kip today, in the indoor arena, making him work. I’ve been feeling so frustrated and discouraged lately, as I face another summer of not riding while everyone else is out riding, showing, DOING things with their horses. Since we’re taking him to the chiro/physiotherapist/saddle fitter next week, it would help if they could actually see something acute enough to finally say “yes, this is it, the problem is here.” Rather than having him be sort of off, uncomfortable but you really can’t put your finger on what it is…let him be sore. If he’s going to be lame, let him be LAME.

It sort of makes sense, but it feels like animal cruelty. Yes, he feels off and ouchy to me, but every time I have someone look at him, they’re like “yes, he could be off…but maybe he’s just lazy.” Or uncoordinated. Or stupid, or whatever the current excuse is. Let’s find out, once and for all, what the problem is.

I hate myself. But I know if I rest him, as I have been, he’ll be better, and they won’t be able to see anything.

I just want all of this expense and time and heartbreak to be worth something in the end. And horses are too big, too expensive, to be pets.

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