And We’re Off!

Big sigh of relief.

I woke at 5:45 am this morning, went downstairs, fed the cats (which were all sitting around their dishes pointing their paws at their mouths like Simon’s Cat) and made breakfast. I normally don’t have anything other than cereal and coffee in the mornings, as proper food makes me feel ill, but in hopes of boosting energy I made eggs and sausage over toast with creme fraiche (accents over letters and the brackety things over vowels never appear right here unless I look up the ascii code, so you just have to imagine them). Anyway, it was good.

And then I sat down and wrote almost 3,000 words. I’m not saying they’re great words, mind you, either collectively or singly, but they are words. And I feel as though the curse has been broken.

Wishing all of you NaNo-ers the best of luck! :) ( I notice this morning that there are almost 96k people on the forums at this time – wow!)


EDIT: 5,131 words and I am DONE for the day. :) I think I had that first-day impetus today, as well as having the buzz from writing the scene that I was most looking forward to, which takes place in a goblin market. So much fun imagining what would be sold in a goblin market!

There is a scene that I truncated this morning with the note “Go back and finish later, this is boring the shit out of me.” LOL…

5 thoughts on “And We’re Off!”

  1. In the darkness a lighter cracked and fire danced under his palms. With a snap the light went out. A disembodied amber coal glowed momentarily bright followed by a sharp inhalation.

    “Well, well, well,” the words floated out of the dark on a cloud of cigarette smoke, “…look who’s kickin’ serious NaNo-ass and takin’ WriMo-names. That was well done, kiddo.” He flicked an ash and took another drag. “As far as freezin’ up, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

  2. Geri aka Mona Prowl

    You are off and running. I was pleased that I got 1400 words done and like you said a little scattered but that is what January editing is for ;)

    Happy NaNo-ing :)

  3. Thanks. :)

    I am really enjoying this so far, and I love the community. I wish that I’d tried this years ago (and I wish that I hadn’t gone half my life with this big phobia about writing).

    Well done all of us – onwards and upwards!

  4. Looks like your pace is faster than mine, but I am pleased for your progress. I look forward to following you through to the end! (yes, aren’t we all a little scattered?) See you at the 50,000 mark !

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