An MMO Tart

I seem to be unable to commit to any MMO right now. Oh, sure, I have several on the go that I really enjoy, and will try to schedule quality time with each. But I don’t seem to be a commitment type of girl at the moment.

I’m still playing Star Trek Online, but have been logging on less than previously. It’s still fun, but it’s less immersive than I had hoped. That may be a factor of levelling alone, I don’t know…or just the fact that the really good questlines are outweighed by the “talk to enemy signal contact” type of quests. Will I subscribe when my free time is up?  At this point, I’m not sure. The main thing it makes me feel is homesick for EVE, and that makes me think about resubscribing there…although I do remember that EVE mainly consisted of small bursts of excitement (generally as I got blown up) and long, dreary expanses of dulldom, going from gate to gate, running missions and so on. It still tempts me, though. I may already have done it if it didn’t still kind of piss me off that EU subscribers pay so much more than US ones.

I’m looking forward to Allods Online, although I’m disappointed that I couldn’t talk my sisters into playing. I think that they would love it if they could try it. The game is polished and fun, and I think that we could have some silliness once a week while we had a chance to talk.

In Warcraft, my Pally is levelling slowly, and she just got her cold weather flying (basically a 1000 gold bribe to allow you to use your old flying mount again). I’ve decided that I will dual-spec her for retribution and healing. I’d thought about tanking with her, as I did really enjoy it in Aion, but I won’t for two reasons: the main one is that I have absolutely NO sense of direction, to the point where it’s like a birth defect or a learning disability or something. I can’t remember where to go. When we raided, and were doing wipe nights (I mean progression runs), each and every time I ran back after resurrecting, I was unsure where to go. Over and over again. I just can’t do it. The second thing is that I really hate doing runs with people who want speed runs – it’s not good for a newb tank to have the “GO! GO! GO!” guy ranting at you, or worse – pulling. In Aion, I had a “you pull it, you better tank it” mentality. :)

But again, as much as I will always love Warcraft, I still have an eye out for new and shiny MMOs. I can’t help it…I’m a tart. :)

2 thoughts on “An MMO Tart”

  1. You haven’t hit the point where they all start to seem the same?

    I hit that point, and even in single player games now if I get a “Go kill X of X and return to me for a reward” I want to hurl my controller through a wall.

  2. Yeah, that part is pretty standard for all MMOs. :) For me, though, it’s still worth it because this is my escape from a boring, mundane world. Even if I’m just killing ten more rats, at least I’m not here.

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