America the Fallen

Poll: Bush Job Rating Dips, Support for War Down

“Fifty-four percent of those polled said the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, and only 41 percent of adults said they believed Bush was doing a good job handling the war.

Bush’s handling of terrorism remained his strongest suit, according to the poll.

Fifty-four percent said they approved of his performance in that area. The respondents also said they had more confidence in Bush to handle the situation in Iraq than they did in Kerry, by 48 to 45 percent.”

41% think he’s doing a good job handling the war? Does that mean that close to half of America believes that torture and rape are acceptable? Even admirable? What the hell is wrong with you people? How can any halfway intelligent, reasonably feeling and moral person think that everything this evil, evil man and his regime does is acceptable?

America, wake up. Do you know how the rest of the world sees you? I am ashamed of my accent. I am not in favour of torture and invading foreign lands for oil. I am against discrimination of any kind. I do not believe that America should thumb its nose at the United Nations and the rest of the world. I think we were ALL raised better than that.

If it weren’t for missing my family and friends so very much, I would never set foot on American soil again.

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  1. wandringsoul

    Good grief…I would have hoped by now he had MUCH less support for all this bullshit…seems I was wrong.

    : (

  2. There is an awful lot of support here for the actions Bush and Blair have taken, I did a poll yesterday and was suprised by the amount of support people still have. It was on the myvoice website. If you want to take a look, some of the replies make me ashamed to be British.

  3. I am ashamed of my accent.

    Tell everyone you’re Canadian – we can’t tell the difference. *hugs*

    More seriously, you’d get the same figures over here, and despite the discussion over whether the photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners are fake or not, the Red Cross and Amnesty International are both putting their hands up and saying “Yes – the British troops are doing it too.”

    Bush goes to the polls in November? The more abuse that comes to light, the more chance people will vote against him.

    (Cynically, expect the news of the capture of Bin Laden in late September.)

  4. I’m acutely aware of my american-status and almost thankful I cannot afford to travel this year! I cannot stop the rampant stupidity that infects most of this blasted nation.

    Last time I traveled around, most of the people I met didn’t believe I was american since I was too danged polite (and I like picking up local accents).

    Yeah, it’s not ‘fun’ to be ashamed of where you live (I have AH-NOLD as governer for crying out loud!) or where you come from, but heck. I can’t fix it. I wish I could, but it would likely involve much bloodshed and sterilization of most of the population.

  5. I hope people do. Sometimes I think they can’t do anything else…and then I read something like this.

  6. I think it’s a direct reflection of his bully-boy “we have the power to do whatever we please” attitude. :(

  7. I just don’t understand…I suppose that’s what my post was about. As I said, things used to be different. We were ALL raised better than that. This is not what it means to be an American…or at least it didn’t use to be. And that makes me very sad.

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