Altitis in EVE

kitsune_aerynI’ve started an alt in EVE. This is a scary thing.

You see, you can’t start an alt as you can in any other MMO, because of the issue of training – only one character on an account can be training at one time. To train two characters at the same time, you need two accounts…and that is the start of a very slippery slope.

Anyway, I started a Gallente Military character. I’d started my first one as a Miner, thinking that that was how I’d make money: mining, ratting, salvaging, trade. What I hadn’t realised is that I would be so thoroughly bored by mining. So, she’s training different skills, trying to play catchup, while the character I started yesterday can pretty much jump right in and start doing some pvp even with very low skillpoints. I have twelve days left on the trial account, so I’ve sent her some cash to buy and fit an Incursus. Her name is Kitsune…again with my favourite names.  :)  She’s a saucy redheaded wench with a smart mouth and an attitude…I quite like her.

4 thoughts on “Altitis in EVE”

  1. If I say “Julia Roberts in space” will it mean a WarDec?

    I have read about people getting one character setup with a defined set of skills for one thing, stopping training, then working up an alt for something else specific. It sounds reasonably, but I have yet to run out of things to train on my first guy, not being good at the “specific” part of the equation.

    I bit the bullet and went with a second account. Two is good. Of course, now I have two accounts on which I can never make an alt, since I will never be done training the main!

  2. *snort* Julia Roberts in space… :D

    I think I may go with two accounts when possible – I can see a lot of benefit in doing so. I’ve gone down to a single Warcraft account, cancelled my Warhammer account, so I could afford it.

    See? I’m trying to justify it to myself. Pathetic. :)

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