Almost There…

This will probably be the last entry before we leave. I will try to find internet cafes along the way, but access for the first month is bound to be sporadic. Last night we packed our suitcases, and were appalled at how much we’re either going to have to ship, or leave behind. The clothes I can replace, but there are a lot of things that I am going to hate leaving. It is so difficult trying to fit your entire life into two suitcases!

I’m getting nostalgic already for my friends here. I’ll be leaving a lot of very good friends, but taking many great memories with me. I’ve been making everyone promise that they will come and visit. I think it would be wonderful to be able to see people from home. I’m going to save up for tickets for my parents to come visit in the winter.

*sigh* I’ve got tears in my eyes, as I think about leaving everyone and everything behind. I know that we’re setting off on a grand new adventure, but still…these last few years have been wonderful. I’ll miss you all.

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