Almost There

We made it through the weekend, and the sites are live. A few tweaks remaining, but most of it is finished. We’re hosting the webcam stuff on our server, and so far it’s been fine. I need to fix the Messages section, but people are updating so fast I haven’t had a chance! Evil buggers, a lot of them – there’s one girl that people have been absolutely lacerating about (Kate is an ugly bird – get her off!). Poor thing.

Fencing last night was great. They’re waiting until the crush dies down (even more people last night!) before starting actual lessons. Right now there are tons of teens and adults, and scores of little munchkins running around waving weapons at each other – very scary. I think that children should be more heavily supervised; blades are a weapon, after all, and you need to learn respect. It’s kind of like guns – I grew up in the country, where everyone has guns and most people hunt. Gun safety starts when you are a small child: “a gun is never unloaded, even when you think it is, never point a gun at someone,” etc. Respect, and caution, in other words – not to mention common sense. Anyway, we went to the Belgian bar with the coaches and some of the other fencers afterwards. I had this rather nasty cider-type stuff made with pears rather than apples. Not recommended. Got home (From the pub! On a Monday night!) just before midnight, and am very tired this morning.

Tonight is John’s employer forum, and I’m going to talk a bit about the dynamic part of the site (online purchase of courses, tracking of employees, etc.). Then home for rare steaks, a bottle of wine, and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk ice cream bars. Mnnnn.

Oh, a tidbit of information…I have a big, red welt right in the crease of my hip/pelvic area, very sensitive, where a total MANIAC bopped me with a blade. Good thing I’m not a guy! lol…you know who you are. :)

6 thoughts on “Almost There”

  1. virexmachina

    Oh man… yeah kids are insane in fencing. I started out in a beginners group with 7-20 year olds. It was crazy.
    On time I got scratched up on my arm in a tournement and i got to tell everyone my girlfriend beat me up… :D

  2. never liked fencing too much….the blades are sssooooo small. but what would you excpect a celt to feel about that lol

  3. Yes, when I used to fence sabre, I’d always have welts and bruises – I probably looked like someone beat me up on a regular basis!

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