Almost Halloween

Gorgeous weather today. Not raining (that being the most important part), a bit misty and autumn-y. The trees are changing colours, which is nice. I think last year there was a storm that knocked all the leaves down; they started to change and then they were gone.

I went out to the stable early this morning, so we could quarantine the last sick horse in Kip’s stall (chosen for location and distance from the other horses), then strip all the bedding in the affected stable block, power wash everything, and disinfect multiple times. Then home to disinfect myself and clothing. What a pain, but at least now we can come in from the pastures and use the arenas again! Woo hoo!

I plan to build Kip up gradually again, starting by gentle lunging, then ridden work and then I can start him over some jumps this winter. I have everything planned out. :)

I talked to my sister today after I got home, and she’s doing well. They’ve spent SO much money on IVF, more than I imagined that it could cost, but so far (knock on wood) things are going well.

My mother is still hanging in there, although she tires very quickly now and is having trouble with her diaphragm. Breathing and eating are both very difficult for her.

To end with, I’ve been trying to remember to write about an interesting bit of new slang I heard the other day. I was talking at someone’s desk, and one of the loud ladies (who I thankfully no longer sit by) was telling the other one to “just go on, take a lady down the hall and see what he wants.” Take a lady, meaning take a walk…the only thing I could think of is that it must refer to Little Britain, the “I’m a lady” sketches where he’s always promenading through town. Interesting…

Next weekend we go to Scotland to pick up our giant African rats. :)

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