Almost Friday

Today actually went very fast, even though I had terrible insomnia last night and expected to be dead to the world today. Manymany meetings, going through the bug list, fixing things and signing off on the fixes that the outside developers had done. We got a lot done. When the site goes live, I’ll make a filtered post and let you look at it. Tell me what you think – don’t bother to be kind. ;)

All of the furniture in the computer room has been pushed away from the walls into the centre of the room, so that I could plaster and paint. The rat cage is right next to my chair, and I can feel one of the ratties grabbing my hair and pulling it. Not chewing, just trying to get my attention. :)

There has been a wire-strung Celtic harp on eBay that I’ve been lusting over. It’s a kit harp, and not very expensive, but we still can’t afford it right now. But still…I miss my old harp. I really don’t have the nails for wire-strung, anyway; they’re soft and flimsy, so I keep them short. *sigh*

Yeah, yeah, this is one of these “I have nothing to say but I’m going to post anyway” posts. So be it.

I’m going to paint now. :)

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