Allods Online Soft Launch

I logged into Allods last night for the start of Open Beta (which is actually more like a website soft launch than an open beta) along with FIVE MILLION OTHER PEOPLE, all trying to go for the same mobs and the same early boss guy that you can’t even see for all the players standing on top of him.

As you would totally expect. You’ve got to love launch days. :D

2 thoughts on “Allods Online Soft Launch”

  1. Just created all my chars for Allods, will be my take time out of Star Trek MMO. Two admirals down, one to go :) and one to do again so that actually means one I guess lol. Shame you didn’t connect with it, but there are a lot of people that are not connecting with it. In the long wrong you are probably better off, if the Trek fans get their way you will be talking you way out of everything and never getting to fire your phasers again.

    Oops turned that into a comment about Star Trek lol sorry. You are right though, you gotta love launch days lol Tons of us mindlessly screaming towards mobs blindly pushing the other toons aside to get that one kill we need or the loot we want lol.

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