Allods: Don’t Ruin Our Game!

Wow, so many blog posts today about the Allods Online cash shop fiasco. They have to fix this – I can’t imagine that anyone not totally insane would have thought that this was a good idea. It’s such a good, such a promising game…please don’t get greedy and ruin it before I’ve had a chance to see endgame!

I have no problems with a sensible cash shop for a f2p game. As Potshot said about Runes of MagicAfter a very brief evening exploring this game, I can say that regardless of whether I expected to play more than a casual month in this game, I’d be willing to throw down for the FREAKING $10 HORSE.  Hell, I feel like sending those guys $10 just because they made a game that didn’t piss me off and make me feel like they stole precious time from my life never to be recovered (let alone the box price…).  Seriously, horse = Alexander Hamilton = Truth. Amen.

Commentary and explanation about the Allods cash shop storm:

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Please, don’t piss me off. Don’t throw away all of that good will engendered by your very fun and polished game due to insanity/greed/stupidity. Don’t make me leave. :(

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  1. If nothing else, this has been an illustration of how the business model and game design are independent things, and boneheaded decisions in one need not be either reflected or caused by the other.

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