Allods: Applause

I had a lot of fun this weekend in Allods. I’d started characters on the Empire side (loving very much the clockwork-doll look of Arisen), but due to friends playing on League, and also being less impressed by the starting area on the Empire side, I deleted every one and switched to League. Sunshine and meadows for me, thank you.  :)

There are some very cool kind of post-revolution Russian shops and things. All signs are in Russian. That didn’t bother me, but the griefers speaking in Russian kind of did. (A post to come on how trying to ruin a fairly nice general chat channel is equivalent to griefing, and how we should never forget that we are all representatives of our respective countries.)

After doing Dead Soul (the first kind of mini-boss on League side), we left for the city on a stunning ship, sailing through the Astral. As the silhouette of the city came into view, I admit I was squeeing…just a little bit.  :)

It’s the mark of success in a f2p game that you can have that feeling. That “omg, that is so cool!” squee feeling. Applause to Allods Online.

All in all, a very fun weekend.

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