all work and no play

I haven’t posted lately because there’s been precious little to life other than work. My day consists of long commute followed by long day followed by long commute followed by quick dinner while watching one Scrubs rerun followed by more work. It’s got to stop, I tell you.

This weekend we worked until late on Saturday night, then started again in the morning, my partner in crime and I eating breakfasts at our PCs. And nothing worked. Setting up Visual SourceSafe over a remote connection is miserable. I can check files out from Visual Studio, make my changes, but I can’t submit them back in. Admin pages on the server kept throwing weird errors for no discernable reason…they’d be fine, but when I logged back in an hour later, I’d get errors. It wasn’t the best weekend.

So, no fun stuff. Very little gaming, other than noob characters that I could leave parked by a rock if I needed to go to the other PC or go back to the perpetual discussion over IM about what we should try next.

I’ve become boring.  :(

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