All-Time Favourite Game Trailers

I love really gorgeous cinematic trailers – if done well, I think they’re a way of illustrating what the game should “feel” like, rather than how it will actually look. My favourites are like mini-movies in that they focus on personal stories, rather than just showcasing the look of the game. Some of them made me cry, and some made me wish that I could watch an entire movie done by the same team. Here they are:

1. Warhammer Online Trailer
This is my all-time favourite, hands-down. There are characters in it that display humour and sensuality, and the battle violence feels real. It also does a very good job of illustrating what some of the various classes will play like.

2. Warcraft Burning Crusade Trailer
Although I did like the first one, this is still my favourite Warcraft trailer. (Although beautiful, I didn’t care for the Lich trailer, it left me cold. *nyerk nyerk*)

3. Guild Wars Factions Trailer
Again, gorgeous art direction and real characterisation. This is stunning.

4. Gears of War (Mad World)
I love this simply for the melancholy feeling that Mad World provides – a perfect soundtrack for a shooter game.

5. Final Fantasy XII Trailer
Although I’ve never really clicked with FF, I do love the look of some of the installments – and this trailer does a good job of showing how beautiful it actually is.

6. Halo 3 Trailer
Again, not a game that I’ve ever played, just a trailer that I thought was beautiful.

7. And a Bonus Trailer, Just for Cute Factor
Overlord.  :)

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