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That title was a warning that this isn’t an actual post about, you know, something that makes sense. This is one of those miscellaneous posts where I can’t concentrate on something for more than a minute at a time.

When you’re in a relationship with someone, and you’re sitting together – perhaps driving in the car, perhaps not – and one of you says to the other “What are you thinking?”  My usual response is “Oh, not much” just because I don’t want to admit that I was thinking about how the hall should be painted, or that I’ve always hated the way my hands look. It sounds stupid.

But I seem to have no problem with sounding stupid here, go figure.  :)

maltaSo here we go. I’ve been eating the most gorgeous, huge, sweet cherries at my desk. I thought that they ought to have a shout out just because they were so special.

I got a mail from a recruitment agency about a web design job in Malta.  It was really, really tempting (except for the fact that I’m not an EU national and would need a work permit to work anywhere outside of the US or UK). Fibre optic broadband (see the first thing that I googled for?), gorgeous, historic cities, Mediterranean weather.  *sigh*

backtattooI’m having a tattoo done, a fox-coloured gradient of the kanji for kitsune. Kitsune, of course, being one of my main game personas – my hunter main in Warcraft, and the name of the heroine of my neglected Kitsune & Kawaii. It will look something like this, and probably be done about 1 1/2″ square on my spine just below the neck.

I’ve been wanting to go an dink around in Warcraft, but my guild is in the summer doldrums as people go on holiday or just want to enjoy the sun (the ones that live in Europe, you understand, and not here in the UK). I don’t know why they just can’t break for the summer holidays, or the Christmas holidays, but they try to keep a raid schedule going. I wouldn’t be able to peek in on an alt without getting gang-pressed into a raid, so I don’t log on.

And finally, just for some PvE prettiness, the Aion trailer for Patch 1.5 (the version that we’ll see at release). It’s gorgeous, and worth watching in HD.

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