Alexander McQueen

Very, very cool fashion show footage, culminating in a twisting wisp of mist that changes into Kate Moss in a floating white dress, twisting in midair. Gorgeous. The clothing wasn’t bad, either, some of it actually wearable, with fantastic headresses made from birds’ wings and horns. Kind of a Celtic/Renaissance fantasy.

3 thoughts on “Alexander McQueen”

  1. They used Pepper’s Ghost to create the illusion of Kate Moss at the end. I’d heard they’d done it but hadn’t tracked down a video of it.

    It’s pretty stunning, isn’t it?

  2. That’s quite interesting – I’d always wondered how they did the Haunted Mansion ghosts. The Kate Moss thing was gorgeous.

  3. wow, heh, that mist of kate moss WAS fantastic. Even after reading the wikipedia on how it’s done, it still baffles me.

    Either way, it was stunning, as you said. loved the music to that part too.

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