Aion: Slowing Down

Tonight I’m handing over the legion leadership to another member, who is well-liked and will no doubt do a very good job (probably better than I have, to be honest). Ravven is 35, and it was damned hard doing that. Many of our members are looking at 40, and I just don’t play enough to keep up. I could do, of course…but it’s reaching the point where it’s not fun. So I am in danger of burning out, and by handing over leadership to a more active player, it will be better for the legion and better for me. But I do feel a little sad…we’ve built a very good group here.

This image from Aion’s Issues at made me a bit apprehensive:


That is one steep curve. So far, to be fair, I’m not really running out of content, although I am doing a fair amount of non-quest grinding for XP. I do hear about higher-level players, though, doing their handful of quests at the start of each new level and then feeling horror at the site of that long XP bar. I would feel the same.

Am I still having fun?  Decidedly yes. Is it becoming a grind? To be honest…yes. It’s hard to deny.

2 thoughts on “Aion: Slowing Down”

  1. Well, I haven’t left the game, but I’m pretty sure that I am not going to stress about levelling to 40 – the xp requirement combined with the huge death penalty means that I’m just going to dink around and have fun without trying to level.

    Unfortunately, that means that I won’t be playing with the group anymore, and that makes me sad. Plus, I refuse to do pugs.

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