aion *sigh*

Today I am not playing Aion (because I am at work) just as I didn’t play it last night (because the EU login servers were down). It was to be expected, really, since beta keys seemed to have been sent to literally everyone. We even got one from a place where we had cancelled our game order. So, bang on 8:00 pm in the UK, every fanboi and his dog were trying to log in and the authentication servers went down.

They handled it well – I was looking at a couple of fansites, and NCsoft reps were posting status updates. Quite a different experience from the Warhammer EU fiasco where Goa made thousands of enemies due to their incompetence and lack of customer care. In one of the posts they referred to it as a “learning experience” with a wry sense of humour. And no one frothed at the mouth, extremely unusual in gamers eagerly awaiting access to a game – they tend to act rather like a baby who has dropped his lollipop on the ground.

I’ve decided that I will level two characters, a templar and a cleric. The friends whom I’m playing with have decided on being Elyos, so I suppose that I will play sheep and go along. I figure that everyone else are going to be Assassins, or failing that Sorcerors and Spiritmasters, so I will chose a couple of classes that will make getting into groups easier. After so many years of being a Warcraft hunter, I’m fed up with being the red-headed stepchild.  :)

Damn…will 5:00 never come?  After I get off work,  I have a 1 1/2 hour drive home, a trip to the market, then dinner and cat feeding and so on…then Aion. And all you other bastards better stay off my server this time.  *snicker*

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