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aion.jpgI’ve been watching the latest videos of Aion: Tower of Eternity, which I am very eagerly anticipating for shallow reasons. Shallow because I love that it’s just so damned beautiful. Yes, it looks as though it plays very much like any Korean MMO. I still dink around in Guild Wars now and then, but tbh I use it kind of like a glorified paperdoll game. I’m not working seriously on levelling, just running my very pretty characters around.

But back to Aion. The video showing emotes (second half of the “clothing” video) was wonderful, as were the ones showing fighting during flight. The scenery is gorgeous.

*sigh* So long to wait. In the meantime, I have downloaded the preorder installer files for Pirates of the Burning Sea…unfortunately at work, since our connection at home wasn’t good enough. I now have over 5GB of files and no DVDs to burn them on, so I can take it home. Hmmmph.

I don’t know how much longterm playability PotBS will have. A blog entry that I read a while back compared it to Eve Online; I know that they’re very different games. But the similarity exists in that you’re in a ship, basically doing pvp for the most part. As much as I love pirates (loved Anne Bonney as a kid, collected every book I could find -all two of them- on her and so on), I would feel isolated. I love exploring in Warcraft, or just making my way through the countryside, interacting with everything that I can. I feel part of a world. Will Pirates feel like that? We’ll see.

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