Aion Love

Ravven is level 27 now, and moving on. I haven’t seen a lot of Abyss action yet, since you really, really need to go in as part of a group – the larger the better. Otherwise your experience will consist of being immediately ganked by massive gangs of enemy players, some distressingly high level (judging by the split second they take to oneshot me). Quests and sometimes even grinding are still fun, and I’m really enjoying the time I spend there. Our legion is slowly getting bigger – we don’t have many members yet, but so far they’re all people that I really enjoy hanging out with, and that’s what matters. I even hang out on Vent while levelling, and I never, ever do that.

I haven’t started any real alts yet, since after all the closed and open beta rerolls I can’t face the starting area yet again. Such a shame you are restricted to a single one for each race. So it will be a while before I level my Cleric Farrah.

So much fun…

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