Aion Headstart Plans

A friend just sent this to me (yoinked from the forums, I assume):

1.5v test server has enable left mouse button to rotate camera and invert mouse.

Meaning…. if you remove click to move and enable left mouse button to rotate camera you get… a standard western movement.

Thank you, Nc west!

PS: This wasn’t in the patch notes but it’s already implemented on test server.

Hurrah!  Not being able to easily look around me as I was used to was a small-to-middling irritant while playing. This will be a very nice addition for western players.

I uninstalled the Aion beta files, and reinstalled with the 1.5 client – and ran into massive GameGuard issues. I’d previously been lucky, as I hadn’t had any problems with it. This time, however, I ran into the location-error messages where you can’t reach the login screen due to supposedly having the wrong version of the client. I don’t know if they updated a fix on their server, or if repairing the client did it, but I finally fixed this yesterday.

On my desk I have a holiday request for the week of September 21-25. It’s sad, I know. In my defence I can only say that I plan on working on several projects during this time. Ok, ok…so I will also be playing a lot of Aion during headstart, I can’t deny that.  :)  But I do have some worthwhile pursuits planned as well. (Does that sound defensive?) Ah, well – considering our greatly reduced financial situation, we’re unlikely to be planning any trips to Paris any time soon. I’ll settle for a virtual vacation.

4 thoughts on “Aion Headstart Plans”

  1. That whole mouse thing drove me nuts especially when I went back to EQ2 LOL I dont know if it was me or if my mouse was still messed up but something was not right….maybe both?!? LOL

  2. Hi Ravven,
    does that mean that it will have the same movement has in WoW?

    btw, a personal question: are you a freelancer webdesigner, have your own company or working for other?

  3. Hi Anok – I’m hoping so. It’s what I’m used to, and having to use two hands in order to move the camera around felt quite awkward.

    I used to be a web project manager on ecommerce and social networking sites (leading teams but also design/branding, UI/UX design, and development) but I’ve recently had a fall from grace due to the crappy economy and I’m presently working as a search optimisation specialist. Yep, I pretty much hate each and every day with a bitter passion. :)

  4. Hey Ravven, your right, economy has gonna down the toilet here also, in Portugal, some jobs got hit harder than others, but web related work is set to survive.

    I’m also a designer/webdeveloper and noticed that for graphic design/illustration i got less work but on webdesign i got a huge increase in clients.

    With the recession more and more are changing from a physical shop to a virtual one.

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