Aion: First Fortress Run

I have to qualify this by saying that another legion had already taken the fortress, so we just kind of went in impromptu and did the run to see what it was like. The two that we did were timed, which was quite interesting because we didn’t have a hope of getting all the chests in the time allowed.  One was tank-n-spank, then split up to do the wings which are filled with non-elites – quite easy. The other involved running the circumfrence of a circle, opening chests as we went, which tons of elites strolling around in twos and threes. That one was problematic, as it was very easy to pull additional mobs in from the side and wipe.

Overall, though, it was a lot of fun, and I look forward to doing more of these. Due to the timer, they’re quick, so you’re not looking at a several-hour dungeon crawl. Nice.

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