Aion Fail

I’ve given up trying to log in tonight,  after about fifteen lockups requiring a hard reboot – it’s hard on the poor PC.  :(  GameGuard remains the buggy piece of rootkit fei-oo that it always was, and this version of the client is virtually unplayable. I think perhaps the authentication problems are due to the massive amount of people all trying to log in, but the UI issues and crashes are definitely the client.

Disappointing, to say the least.

4 thoughts on “Aion Fail”

  1. Agree Ravv, truly sad, I have made comment on this and more on my blog (sorry shameless publicity). I can’t believe they have let it get this bad, everyone was thinking that the Closed Beta was looking so good and it was more like a trial weekends not a CB and now this and Open Beta with such a poor client, it’s sad.

    Close Sub, End If.

  2. Goof post, Raz – and I totally agree. GG has always sucked, but I really don’t understand the client problems since this has been live and stable in Korea for some time.

  3. Hi Ravven,
    Well on the closed beta I had big problems with GG, but realized that it was because of Kaspersky, switched to AVG and all went ok.

    Now on the open beta, updated the client but couldnt login, had authentication problems, after some googling I deleted the addcache.xml on game root and it worked.

    But its a shame to use GG, that program is so intrusive. If WoW and other games dont use that crap, why does AION?

  4. Ooh, interesting tip, thank you. I’ll have to try that tonight – or at least, rename it and try it without and see if it makes a difference (that way you can always rename it back).

    I’ve moaned about the bots in Wow, but to be honest, they’re not that bad. You see them a lot less than you used to in Vanilla Wow. So yes, whatever they did to prevent/remove them shows that it is possible to do it more successfully than with a piece of poo like GG.

    If I were NCSofr, I would be tempted to just remove it entirely, with a plan to replace it with something else. Nobody liked the idea of rootkit software, and it’s non-functional more often than not…we’re just too close to launch to be having these issues.

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