Aion Fail, Part 3: Take That, Biatches


I just embarrassed myself at work by dancing around doing the Rocky-arm-thing and saying “TAKE THAT BIATCHES!!! GOOGLE PAGE ONE, POSITION ONE! DON’T EVER TELL ME THAT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO MY FRACKING JOB!”  Everyone who knows me knows that I am all shy, modest, self-deprecating and shit.  :D  I am just that kind of lady.

Anyway, I have to explain that I couldn’t log in again last night for the Aion open beta (see Aion Fail, Poop Doesn’t Count – Aion Fail 2), and I was all geek-rage, Aion fangirl QQing. But we all know how useless threatening to cancel your subscription is (people don’t).  It’s much more satisfying to write about it and rank number one for “Aion Fail”. Hey, it allowed me to work off some aggression – what can I say?  If I was a better person, above all of this, I’d certainly be a different person and I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

Anyway, it looks as though the problem resides with GameGuard treating antivirus/firewall programmes as suspicious activity. Supposedly if you disable all virus protection, and use the IP address fix (below), you can get in and play the game.

Let me illustrate how paranoid I am about computer security: I only use FireFox, and I use it with the NoScript plugin. I pay for Trend Micro. I have my Warcraft logins programmed in a G15 macro so I don’t have to type them in. If I have to type in a password, I cut and paste from a text file that I keep. I virus-check all the time. And they want me to disable virus protection in order to not have a problem with their crappy rootkit?  All I can say is…



Current authentication error fix:

If you are getting the error “Cannot connect to Authentication server” when starting up the game and logging in, the follow tip from Ayase might help:

Please delete the addcache.xml file that is in the root of the game folder.

Next, try the following to force the game to connect to a specific auth server:

  1. Open the NCsoft Launcher
  2. Right-click Aion under “INSTALLED”
  3. Choose Properties
  4. In the box labeled, “Extra Command Line Parameters (Advanced)” add the following: -ip: -port:2106 -cc:1

This IP is the current NA Auth. This IP will change in the future, so please remember these changes.

The current EU Auth is – if you have an EU account.

5 thoughts on “Aion Fail, Part 3: Take That, Biatches”

  1. I could be very wrong, but I am almost certain that the g15 merely remembers keystrokes and sends them through to the screen wherever you are at. It wouldn’t magically make your password appear in the box, and so is no defense against keyloggers. I could be wrong though – I had a g15 a couple of years back but didn’t try it with a different computer to see if the macros were retained in the keyboard or in the software used to assist it.

  2. Yeah, turn of your firewall, your antivirus, bring out your dead and slap you tackle on this block of wood and watch as I hack your PC, steal all your data, run of with your dead and do mean things to them and then cut off you cock with a dull knife! What kind of idiot programs a game to use a piece of software that demands you leave you computer open to attack but turning off all your safety measure.

    Who the fuck coded GG Microsoft? NCSoft you bunch of dickless, idiots, of sorry sorry “nyerknyerknyerk”, get you shit together and stop using pointless software that doesn’t work. My Windows Error log shows its GG, you know its GG, only the tossers on the Aion forums think it’s anything different.

    Bah I am hijacking you blog sorry, but yeah it is in serious fail mode.

  3. Just say what you feel, Raz – don’t hold back. :D But I know what you mean. “run off with your dead and do mean things to them” – lol!

    Akura – there is a way of doing it, I think you need to walk it through an actual login in the programme you want to record for. I used it for Warcraft, and I didn’t actually set it up, a friend did it. But I think that’s how it went.

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