Aion Closed Beta Ends

And so the Aion Closed Beta #6 ends.  I’d been hoping to see some of the in-game events, but managed to miss them all.

I played my Templar for a bit (once I got past the 800+ people in the queue on Friday night!), but I managed to get her killed time and time again and finally changed over to one of the other characters. Mobs in Aion hit a lot harder than they do in Warcraft, for instance, but still – I would think that I could take two mobs my own level without dying. One mob, even one a level or two higher than myself, fine. Two mobs, and I don’t have enough health to make it through both fights. She’s wearing plate, for goodness sake!

On my Chanter, I basically did a lot of exploring and picture-taking. I explored Pandaemonium, and also teleported everywhere that I could to explore, seeing how far I could run through higher-level areas before getting killed. This is one gorgeous, gorgeous game.

Looking forward to launch, very very much.

Aion0087 Aion0088Aion0097Aion0101Aion0099Aion0105Aion0106Aion0108Aion0119Aion0120Aion0121

4 thoughts on “Aion Closed Beta Ends”

  1. Hi Ravven, I also played in the final closed beta, it was fun to watch the similarities with wow and lineage. Loved the game and I think it will have a great impact if the support and ingame content is good.
    Played has a cleric, i love healing ppl ;)

    /take care

    btw great work on your deviantART, congratulations.

  2. Thank you very much for the compliment on the art, much appreciated. :) Cleric was my second choice, since I’d never played a healer, and I really enjoyed the class. I’m considering it as main now, due to being so frustrated with my Templar.

  3. Olá,
    well if you need a leveling partner on AION just mail me your character and server :) Im too disappointed with some of my RL friends that say they will not play AION cause they already been playing WoW.
    Well I’m tired of wow, need some fresh air, been playing it since the European Beta, that’s almost five years now… :S

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