Aion Character Selection

Aion character selection approaches, and I’ve been choosing the two that I want to start with. We’ll probably be playing Asmo, although I much prefer the looks on the other side. I just hate the Elyos capitol city with a passion.

My characters need to look exactly right – and by that, I don’t mean pretty, I mean something has to click for me so that I see them as “people”. It might be a girlie thing…but you spend a lot of time with the characters you roll in MMOs, and they’d better be people that you like.

This is my Cleric-to-be. I like her much better on the Elyos side than I do on Asmodean, but it still works for me. She’s a tomboy, and although she looks a bit silly in a dress, she carries off sunglasses pretty well.  :)


farrah2I hate wearing dresses, but love the sunglasses.

farrah3Asmodean version. No moon tattoo, bah.

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