Aion Beta Weekend #4

I wasn’t going to play any more Aion, I swear I wasn’t…I just couldn’t help myself. The siren call of the game was too much to resist. I’m weak, weak I tell you!

Besides, I had fun. :)

I did level my Templar a bit, hoping to see some group action but everyone seemed to be running around in guilds, so no luck there. I still like her so much – she will probably be my main, with the cleric as a secondary character.

I had a play with some of the other classes that I really wasn’t interested in, just to prevent burnout on the classes that I want to play:  Scout (duel-wielding is fun) and mage (I was interested in the pets). I’ve always played long-range dps classes, so I want to do something new in Aion – hence my two main class choices. Although being blamed for being a shitty tank/healer may change my mind.  :)

The quests are still pretty standard MMO fare, which is ok – epic questlines would be awesome, but too much to hope for. And it is so gorgeous, so totally beautiful.

The people with the little shops kind of irritate me. I wish there was a way that you could turn off the sales pitches over their heads. When you come into a city, that’s all you can see.

September is so far away…

3 thoughts on “Aion Beta Weekend #4”

  1. Tanking and healing are mostly thankless roles, with the exception of nice groups who really know you saved their ass, or when you give a group an exceptionally smooth run – but good dps is just as thankless, and if you know you do it well then keep at it!

    I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to play in Aion. I’ve tanked, healed and played all sorts of dps in WoW, and really enjoy the idea of Aion’s ranger. I’ve heard it’s lacking in dps compared to some other dps classes, but has cc to make up for that. I look forward to it being a very enjoyable class to play.

  2. I just push shift+F12 to turn off all other players on my screen when I’m in town. I’m pretty sure this gets rid of the private store dialog too.

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