Ahhhggghh, My Head is Full of ASP…

I am SO tired. In the inimitable tradition of Bill Cosby’s mother, I am “sick…and tired.” ;)

Been trying to work on what I’m sure is a idiotically simple task, which was use a form to use an ASP query to pull information from a database, and now my head is pounding. I should sit down and actually learn something about ASP, but I would rather expend the energy and remaining braincells on learning PHP, so I’m trying to fake it by adapting existing scripts that were meant to do entirely different things than what I want to do. It would help if I got an actually error message that said “You have made a stupendously stupid fuckup on line 16…” but no, all I get are cryptic Internal Server Errors. I don’t know why.

I would love a giant pitcher of margaritas right now. To quote another iconic media source, Airplane, “it looks like I picked the wrong time to stop drinking.” Or sniffing glue, or licking toads’ butts, or whatever.

Fucking goddamn hell. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop swearing, too.

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