I may have exaggerated about that whole not-dead thing. Change “not dead” to a quite reasonable imitation of dead-ish-ness, kilt by stress and work. One more week to go, and I may not survive. :) I’m so fried that I actually heard “I will survive” playing in my head. Gah.

The other night I dreamed about a winged kitten, which I had allowed to get outside somehow, and someone hurt it. I remember looking at a gash in her poor little side, and trying to straighten the broken wing. When I woke up, I felt such a sense of grief, which lasted most of the morning. Interpret that one.

No gaming, too fried…except that I did reinstall Runes of Magic and played last night until 1:30 or so because I was too stressed to sleep. It was simple, mesmeric, and nice.

Back to hell, see you all later.

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