I have to remember to ask the lunch ladies what they are actually serving in the bowls that look like chicken salad. After my tuna incident, I carefully chose a bowl that definitely had chunks of chicken on top. When I got back to my desk, however, I discovered that there was a big scoop of potato salad hiding underneath the chicken, above the lettuce. They make the most lethal potato salad in the world here, with a dressing of almost pure, red-hot English mustard. Understand, English mustard, in comparison with the weenie-ish American French’s Mustard, could be classified as a chemical weapon. Omigod….my stomach is wondering what I threw at it, and I am talking like a numpy (as Phil would say).

I know that Phil stole a march on me and linked to this in his journal after I saw it this morning, but I have to link to it as well: very cool tattoo shirts. What a great idea!

Since I’m indulging in gratuitous linkage, here’s a very cool flash site.

Back to work. Perhaps I’d better have some cooling yogurt first.


  • jfs

    When I was in Boston, I asked for some french mustard to go with a steak I was having. I got given French’s Mustard instead. I couldn’t honestly think what to say without giving offence. It’s like not very spicy yellow mayonaisse!

    And I’ve seen those shirts (with wearers) out clubbing in London – very cool indeed.

  • uathsaille

    French’s mustard is the best thing that you can put on burns. It takes a lot of the sting away, and they heal faster. Can you imagine putting English mustard on an injury? It would be like trying to make it better by applying lye.

  • jfs

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Or so I’m told :-)

    By the way – been meaning to ask for a while – Hawthorn/Willow? (Somewhat cryptically …)

  • uathsaille

    Phil had chosen the name for a joint journal project which we never did anything with, and then I took it over and kept the name (in the days when you either had to have a code from a friend or buy a paid account). Had I done it on my own, it would be Ravven. Anyway, I took it over, and the name stuck. :) Rather like Ravven, which I use for my artwork. The story behind that name is, well, less than glamorous. I had just gone online in the early days, and I was doing my obligatory thirty days free with AOL, and Raven was taken. That’s it. Don’t tell anyone. :)

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