Age of Conan

I’ve been sort of playing Age of Conan. By “sort of”, I mean that I made characters of all the classes that I was interested in trying, got my desired names, and got their looks right. (I’ve confessed before that I have to like the way a character looks – that’s why I’ve never liked Ravven, and why I never really got into LOTRO, and also why I like Guild Wars, which is rather like a really interactive paper doll dressup game – I’m a sucker for pretty.)

I’ve dinked around with all of them, and I think my highest character is level 12 16. I hate Tortage, and get lost constantly. My method of playing tends to involve running around trying to find the quest area, getting lost, and just killing things until by sheer luck I stumble across the mobs I need. I play until I get killed too many times, and then I get frustrated and turn the game off. Part of the problem is that I missed levelling with Miz and Raz, and am doing most things solo, due to the account problems that prevented me from playing in the beginning. It’s just no fun by yourself, whereas in WoW I usually prefer to grind and quest alone if possible.

Although I had planned to make my Dark Templar my main, I think it will actually be Dravven, my Tempest of Set. I quite like the idea of playing a healer, especially one that heals via HoTs, and dsp’s in between. She’s squishy to solo, but a lot of fun. And I love the way she looks. :)

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