After the Storm

storm yesterday, very high winds and a lot of rain and some hail. The garden
shed (the ferret house) blew over on its side and the front window smashed.
The ferrets were unhurt, but very traumatised. Phil and I were able to get it
upright, but we were soaked and frozen by the time we got back in the house.
The Weasleys did not want to go back into it afterwards…you could practically
hear them saying “Oh, no – not the BAD HOUSE!” as they fought to get away from
me. Poor things.

don’t think I’ve been really warm in weeks; I am chilled down to the bone, and
winter is just starting.

Phil and I are doing better. I had a terrible dream about him this morning, though, about being abandoned. He just kept saying “But I have a right to be happy,” as though anyone would agree with him that he was doing the right thing. I think I had been crying in my sleep; my face was wet when I woke up.

Well, back to another week…

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